A Star for Ethel Waters: Star FAQs

Star FAQs

StarLogoWhere do requests for a star go?
The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce processes all requests for starts on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

StarLogoHow much does a star cost?
$30,000 covers the price of creating the star and maintaining the Walk of Fame forever for that star. Ethel's star will cost $15,000 because that was the price quoted when she was first approved by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce in 2001.

StarLogoHow many deceased individuals are honored each year?
Each year, one deceased person can be nominated.

StarLogoWhat is the process for getting a star?
Read more about the process on the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce Walk of Fame website. (FAQs, Nominations)

StarLogoHas the Ethel Waters Star Project been started yet?
The process and paperwork have already been started for Ethel Waters.

This project is currently on hold. Check back soon for new developments.